How to Watch Local, National, and Global News Online

Reading news on mobile device

Sometimes, you might want to get caught up on the news when you don’t have access to your television. Lucky for you, there are ways to watch the news online on your computer or smart phone. In today’s article, we’ll tell you about some websites and apps where you can watch the news online, and show you how to find your local news broadcasting stations online.

Where to watch local news online

Many news channels have links to the news they broadcast online. Below are some links for popular local news sources for the biggest cities in the U.S. and Canada. Afterwards, we’ll show you how you can find local news online if your city isn’t listed here, or if you prefer a different broadcasting company.

U.S. cities

  1. New York: ABC7NY
  2. Los Angeles: KTLA
  3. Chicago: WGNTV
  4. Dallas: DCN Live
  5. Washington: WJLA
  6. Philadelphia: WXTF
  7. Miami: WSVN
  8. Atlanta: WSBTV
  9. Boston: WCVB
  10. Phoenix: ABC15
  11. Detroit: WXYZ
  12. Seattle: KOMO
  13. Denver: KDVR
  14. Baltimore: ABC2
  15. Charlotte: WBTV
  16. Portland: KOIN
  17. Orlando: WFTV
  18. Pittsburgh: WTAE
  19. Cincinnati: WCPO
  20. Las Vegas: KSNV

Canadian cities

  1. Toronto: CP24
  2. Vancouver: CTV Vancouver
  3. Montreal: CTV Montreal
  4. Edmonton: Global Edmonton
  5. Ottawa: CBC Ottawa
  6. Calgary: CTV Calgary
  7. Saskatoon: Global Saskatoon
  8. St. John’s: CBC Newfoundland
  9. Halifax: Global Halifax
  10. Winnipeg: CTV Winnipeg

To find your local news channel online:

1. Open in your web browser.

Access the Google search engine so you can start looking for a place to find your local news.

Google search page

2. In the search bar, type in the name of your city, followed by “watch news online.”

Once you’ve typed in what you’re searching for, hit the Enter key on your keyboard, or click Search.

Google search query

3. In your search results, you’ll likely find a website for your local news channel, or perhaps a website for your local newspaper that will have articles to read and videos to watch.

Hopefully, you’ll find your favorite local news broadcaster has a website where you can watch local news online. From the results, choose whichever news channel website most appeals to you.

Google search results for local news online

That’s all it takes to watch your local news online. Some national news broadcasters also have regional/local divisions, so you can check if they have a regional channel for your area. If you’re looking for a place to watch national or global news online, here are 8 websites to watch popular news broadcasting channels.

Best sites to watch national and global news online

1. BBC News


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the largest news broadcasting company in the world. They cover domestic and global news online, on television, and on the radio. BBC News online gets over 14 million viewers each month. You can access their news broadcasting on their website, as well as on their mobile app, BBC iPlayer, for iOS or Android devices.

2. NBC News


NBC News runs the most popular TV newscast in America, NBC Nightly News. On their website, you can watch their Nightly News and Meet the Press episodes, and catch up on the latest news stories from the U.S. and internationally. They also have a section of their site where you can find a local NBC News Affiliate channel for your city. Access NBC News on their website, or download their app for your Android or iOS device.

3. Fox News


Fox News is one of the most popular news broadcasting channels in the U.S. Over 95 million American households subscribe to the Fox News channel. On, you can watch live news streams, and catch up on episodes of your favorite Fox News shows, like Special Report and America’s Newsroom. Though it is immensely popular, Fox News has come under criticism for accusations of Republican-biased reporting. However, Fox News employees deny these accusations. To access Fox News on-the-go, download their app for your iOS or Android device.

4. CBS News


CBS News is another popular American news broadcasting channel. Some of their most popular news programs are 60 Minutes, CBS This Morning, and CBS Evening News. They provide 24/7 news streaming of national and international news stories online at Their online news streams can also be viewed on their mobile app for iOS or Android.

5. CBC News


CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is the largest news broadcasting company in Canada. They have national broadcasting as well as regional/local channels. On their website, you can find national and international news, as well as arts & entertainment and sports-related news stories. To watch CBC News online, go to, or download the CBC News app for your iOS or Android mobile device.

6. Global News


Global News is another Canadian news broadcaster that is also very popular. Some of their most watched news programs are Global National and The Morning Show. You can watch Global News online at, or download their Global Go mobile app on Android or iOS.

7. CNN


CNN (Cable News Network) is another popular American news broadcaster. On, you can read news articles, watch videos of news stories and interviews, and more. You can also stream CNN news live. CNN also has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices if you want to watch CNN on-the-go.


( is a service that will allow you to stream live television on your computer. Unfortunately, their service isn’t free to access, but they offer online access to several channels, including lots of news broadcasting channels (among plenty of other channels). If you’re looking for a way to watch the news (or other TV channels) online, DirecTV is a good option.

Besides the websites we just mentioned, there are other websites and apps that will allow you to stream news on your computer or mobile device. Here are a few other places where you can access news streams online.

Other great ways to watch the news online


This website hosts live streams of news, sports, and other live broadcasts. On the news section of Livestream, you can browse streams from different broadcasters. There are tons of different news streams live all the time on, so you may be able to find a stream of your local news channel there.

NewsON app

NewsON is a mobile app that lets users view streams of local news channels from across the United States. NewsON offers over 170 television channels for streaming, so you may be able to find your local news on this app as well! The app is available for iOS, Android, and Roku devices.

Google News


Google News has been around since 2006, and displays content from over 25,000 publishers. On Google News, you’ll find videos, articles, blog posts, and more from online news publications worldwide. You can check it out at, or download the Google News app on your Android or iOS device.

That’s it for this article about how to watch local news online!

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