How to Get Your Business on Angi

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One of our other tutorials shows you how to sign up for and use Angi as an individual.  But what if you run a business, and want to add it to Angi in order to have it promoted and critiqued by the Angi community?  We’ll go over how to do that in this lesson.

To get on Angi as a business, you have to sign up in their “Business Owners” section.  First, check to see if your business is already on Angi; if it isn’t, then you can fill in its details.  You also have to enter the credentials for whoever is going to manage your business’s account.

It’s not quite as complicated as it sounds, but we’ve got a full walkthrough below so you can see all of the ins and outs of how the process works.

To join Angi as a business:

  1. Go to in your web browser and click Business Owners in the top-left corner.

    How to access the business owners' section of Angie's List

  2. Once in the Angi Business Center, click the Claim Your Profile button.

    How to claim your business profile on Angie's List

  3. Click in the box labelled “Company Name” and type in the full name of your business.  Then click in the box labelled “Company ZIP” and type in the mailing code for your company’s address.  Finish up by clicking Search.

    How to search for your business on Angie's List

  4. Chances are that Angi won’t be able to find your business.  That’s okay, because you haven’t added it yet!  In the box that pops up, click Add Company.

    How to add a new business to Angie's List

  5. A new window will pop up allowing you to enter your company’s details.

    How to enter your company details into Angie's List

    Start by clicking in each of the boxes highlighted at the top of the window and typing in:

    – Your company’s full name
    – The street address of your company’s headquarters (optional)
    – The city that your company operates out of
    – The state/province/territory that your company operates out of
    – The mailing code of your company’s headquarters
    – Your company’s phone number
    – Your company’s email address (optional)
    – The first name of your company’s main contact person
    – The last name of your company’s main contact person

    After that, click one or more of the check boxes below these information fields to tell Angi what general business categories your company belongs to.

    Based on which category (or categories) you selected, you will see a list of business sub-categories below in the box labelled “Available Categories”.  Scroll through the options until you find one that pertains to your company, click on it to select it, and then click the right arrow button to add it to the list of “Selected Categories”.  Repeat this process for any other sub-categories that you feel your business belongs to.  You can also click on an option inside the “Selected Categories” box and then click the left arrow button to remove it from the list of sub-categories associated with your company, if you feel that the particular sub-category doesn’t fit.  You must select at least one sub-category for your company.

    When you’re ready to move on, click Continue.

  6. Now, the last thing that’s left to do is set up your account’s access credentials.

    How to set up the access credentials for your company account on Angie's List

    Click in each of the text boxes with an asterisk (“*”) beside them (as shown in the screenshot above) and type in:

    – Your first name
    – Your last name
    – Your email address
    – A password to protect your account with
    – A copy of the password that you just picked

    Below that, you can click the drop-down menu labelled “How Did You Hear About Us?” and tell Angi how you heard about them. This is optional, though.

    Finally, click the check box highlighted here to confirm that you are an official representative of your company who has been authorized to act on its behalf, that all of your employees have clean criminal records, and that you agree to the rules of Angi. Then click Submit.

Congrats!  Your company is now on Angi!

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