50 Eco-Friendly Amazon Alternatives that Preserve the Planet

eco friendly toiletries on a white surface

The convenience of shopping on Amazon is unlike any other e-commerce marketplace. With a wide range of products, free and fast shipping options, and an easy return policy, their customer service is unparalleled. As ecommerce gained popularity with customers, sites like Amazon (such as Bestbuy, AliExpress, Barnes & Noble and Target) joined the race to get a bite out of the pie.

Customers are choosing to buy with the most convenient, timely service available, which often comes at the cost of the environment. If you are looking for eco-friendly Amazon alternatives, then we’ve got you covered.

When we talk about eco-friendly, there are so many different things that can be important to each consumer. For some, animal products being cruelty-free is important, while for others the use of recycled materials and compostable packaging can affect the choice of buying from the brand. In this article, we have a list of eco friendly Amazon alternatives that have been sorted by different categories as described below:

What is covered in this article

Let’s jump right into it so that you can begin your transition to an eco-friendly lifestyle that will help the planet become greener and waste-free.


7 zero-waste Amazon alternatives for sustainable shopping

It is mind boggling to think about the amount of waste that each household throws away every year. Whether it’s plastic bags, food waste, or old clothes, it all goes into landfills, resulting in huge amounts of waste. Here are a few zero-waste brands that you can shop from for your home.


1. Wild Minimalist 

brown cardboard box with eco-friendly home essentials
Image Credit: Wild Minimalist

What They Sell: Household Essentials

Ships To: USA

Best Feature: Find affordable and modern minimalist living products

Has Subscription: No

Wild Minimalist promotes a zero-waste living lifestyle with sustainable best quality products. All products come in compostable packaging to limit their environmental footprint.


2. WEARTH London 

eco-friendly shaving set on a bark of wood
Image Credit: WEARTH London

What They Sell: Apparel | Accessories | Home | Beauty

Ships To: UK

Best Feature: Products are locally made 

Has Subscription: No

WEARTH London is an online marketplace that sells high quality eco-friendly and ethical home products that are zero-waste, organic, and vegan. They also give their customers the option to refill their containers, thereby reducing the need to use new packaging.


3. Rêve En Vert

white candle with bamboo background
Image Credit: Rêve En Vert

What They Sell: Apparel | Accessories | Beauty

Ships To: Multiple countries

Best Feature: All products are zero-waste, non-toxic, and made with recycled materials 

Has Subscription: No

Rêve En Vert is a luxury platform for sustainable living committed to bettering the world through its fashion and lifestyle marketplace. This online marketplace only features designers who operate with respect for people and the planet.


4. Zero

Three glass jars with pink and white background
Image Credit: Zero

What They Sell: Groceries

Ships To: San Francisco

Best Feature: Packaging is refillable and reusable that can be picked up from your home

Has Subscription: No 

Zero is a San Francisco based plastic-free grocery delivery service that focuses on selling pantry and home essentials in refillable containers.


5. Azura Bay 

azura bay compostable bag and cardboard box

Image Credit: Azura Bay

What They Sell: Apparel

Ships To: USA | Canada

Best Feature: Fair trade certified, sustainable, and upcycled fabric are used

Has Subscription: No

Azura Bay is a curated collection of comfortable and conscious lingerie, PJs, and loungewear from ethical bras that use eco-friendly fabrics and a zero-waste production process as much as possible.


6. Loop 

home essentials in reusable tin containers
Image Credit: Loop

What They Sell: Household Essentials | Groceries | Beauty | Personal Care 

Ships To: USA | UK

Best Feature: Reusable and refillable packaging that can be picked up by Loop

Has Subscription: No

Loop sells eco-friendly products that are packaged in reusable, refillable containers that can be picked up by Loop so that there is no wastage in packaging.



woman wearing mask packing oxfam box
Image Credit: OXFAM

What They Sell: Apparel | Books | Toys

Ships To: UK

Best Feature: Most items are donated

Has Subscription: No

OXFAM is a global organization that works towards multiple causes such as eradicating poverty, educating children, and helping people make a living. As a customer of OXFAM you can donate items from your home that can be used by someone who requires it and also buy pre-loved items from their website. OXFAM makes sure that none of their products go into landfills.


10 Amazon alternatives that are organic & fair trade

While consuming less mass produced items and supporting and buying from small businesses and artisans is the way to go, it’s important to note who is behind making these goods for us, what goes into making them, and if they are paid fairly for their workmanship. The following brands listed are fair trade certified and only use organic materials to make their products.



black and white bowls with wooden cutlery on a table
Image Credit: ACCOMPANY

What They Sell: Home Furnishings | Decor | Accessories

Ships To: Multiple countries

Best Feature: Globally-curated and handmade artisanal products

Has Subscription: No

ACCOMPANY is a marketplace that curates modern, cool, and one of a kind products. These are filtered through a range of styles to create unique boutiques that contain an eclectic mix of cultures and a well edited point of view.


2. arbors teas 

arbors tea packet in cardboard box
Image Credit: arbors teas

What They Sell: Tea | Coffee | Gift items

Ships To: USA | Canada

Best Feature: Educate their customers on different types of tea and their origin

Has Subscription: No

Arbors teas is a family run business selling high quality organically grown tea that is fair trade certified and comes in compostable packaging. Their passion towards tea and its origin drives them to create free resources and events that you attend, details of which are available on their website.


3. Tentree

three tentree scrunchies
Image Credit: Tentree

What They Sell: Apparel | Accessories

Ships To: USA | Canada | UK | France | Germany

Best Feature: For every product you purchase, Tentree plants 10 trees

Has Subscription: No 

Tentree is a brand that sells sustainable essentials that are made with the smallest environmental footprint, without compromising on style and design. With each purchase, you get a unique tree code where you can track the status of your tree.


4. Dunitz & Company 

earrings with paintings print on them
Image Credit: Dunitz & Company

What They Sell: Jewelry

Ships To: USA

Best Feature: Great quality raw material used to make their products

Has Subscription: No


Fair trade jewelry made from new and recycled materials, made using fair trade practices in Guatemala. Dunitz & Company employs over 100 men and women in the country who create unique pieces of jewelry and other wearables with fused-glass, beads, vintage coins, ribbons, and leather.


5. Equal Exchange

coffee beans spilled over on a dark grey countertop
Image Credit: Equal Exchange

What They Sell: Coffee | Tea | Chocolate | Nuts

Ships To: USA

Best Feature: You can buy Equal Exchange CDs (Certificate of Deposits) to support the cause

Has Subscription: No 

Equal Exchange is a platform selling fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate, and other gift items sourced from 40 small farmer organizations in Africa, Latin America, and the United States.


6. fair trade Winds

greeting cards and tea on wooden table

Image Credit: fair trade Winds

What They Sell: Apparel | Accessories | Stationery | Kitchen | Dining

Ships To: Multiple countries

Best Feature: A significant percentage of the purchase goes directly to the artisans and farmers who created it

Has Subscription: No 

Fair trade Winds is a family business that supports small companies and artisan communities. They believe in fair pay and fair trade, practicing this in their own business.



black and white knitting hands
Image Credit: INDIGENOUS

What They Sell: Apparel | Accessories

Ships To: USA

Best Feature: 15% off first purchase

Has Subscription: No

INDIGENOUS works with artisans and sources fair trade organic clothing that doesn’t use hazardous chemicals and waste in its production process.


8. Made Trade 

dinnerware with golden cutlery on a white and mustard striped tablecloth
Image Credit: Made Trade

What They Sell: Home Decor | Furniture | Apparel | Shoes | Accessories

Ships To: Multiple countries

Best Feature: Pay later with Klarna

Has Subscription: No

Made Trade was born to bring the work of artisans and makers across the world to one platform. The organization is 100% female-owned, and these women have the opportunity to showcase products made using traditional art forms that are in decline or in danger of being lost forever. The ‘Shop by Value’ feature on the website lets you shop by the virtue that means the most to you.


9. natural collection

organic toilet paper and soap
Image Credit: natural collection

What They Sell: Apparel | Household Essentials | Groceries

Ships To: UK

Best Feature: Earn 10 reward points on every £1

Has Subscription: No

Natural collection is a UK-based online marketplace selling ethically made products in categories such as fashion, home and garden, home furnishings, beauty, and babies.  The website has a ‘Shop by Ethics’ feature that allows you to select brands that represent values that are important to you (such as fair trade, organic, production method, country, and ingredients used).


10. pact

white and lilac Pact t shirts
Image Credit: pact

What They Sell: Apparel | Home Furnishings

Ships To: Multiple countries

Best Feature: Shop and donate your old clothes in the same shipping box that is sent to non-profits

Has Subscription: No

All products are made with organic cotton that saves vast amounts of water and uses no toxic chemicals. Pact is fair trade certified and provides safe working conditions, empowering and uplifting local communities.


11. Maggie’s ORGANICS

hand touching cotton plant
Image Credit: Maggie’s Organics

What They Sell: Apparel | Accessories | Home Furnishings

Ships To: USA

Best Feature: Uses certified organic fibers, purchased directly from growers

Has Subscription: No

Maggie’s ORGANICS is a US based company with the manufacturing units set up in North Carolina and Alabama, selling products with a focus on ethically sourced organic material.


8 vegan Amazon alternatives to reduce animal cruelty

The following brands demonstrate the importance of not testing products on animals because they believe it’s unethical and cruel. The ingredients that are used in making their products are 100% vegan. If this is important to you, then take your pick.


1. ethical superstore

Easter egg chocolates
Image Credit: ethical superstore

What They Sell: Groceries | Home & Garden | Beauty | Babies & Toys | Pet supplies

Ships To: UK

Best Feature: Products are fair trade labelled, organic certified, and cruelty-free

Has Subscription: No 

Ethical superstore is on a mission to help their customers make good choices about what they buy when it comes to shopping. With their wide range of eco-friendly products in every category they strive to inspire their users to live a healthy and full lifestyle and enjoy the fruits of the positive choices that they make. Unlike other marketplaces, ethical superstore prominently features customer reviews so buyers can shop with confidence.



lip tint oil with beets

What They Sell: Skincare | Haircare | Cleaning Essentials
Ships To: Europe | USA | Canada

Best Feature: Free shipping on orders above €150

Has Subscription: No 

GREENBEAUTY MARKET is an online marketplace selling clean beauty products for your skin, hair, and home. They have a very strict screening process that only allows natural and vegan products to be sold on their platform, so you can buy with confidence.



bagel with planet organic drink and raspberries

What They Sell: Household Essentials | Groceries

Ships To: UK

Best Feature: Packaging comes in wool liners that keep food and drinks chilled for 72 hours

Has Subscription: No 

PLANET ORGANIC is a large organic supermarket chain which stocks vegan and organic food, including meats, personal care, and products to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. Packaging is eco-friendly and can be returned at the store for reuse.


4. DoneGood

Woman with home furnishing items
Image Credit: DoneGood

What They Sell: Apparel | Accessories | Home & kitchenware | Beauty & Skincare

Ships To: USA | Canada

Best Feature: Get discount codes on sign up

Has Subscription: No

Done Good is an online marketplace for social enterprises to sell their products that are produced naturally. They call themselves ‘The Amazon of social good’ as they scour the earth to find ethical and sustainable brands that do good for people, animals, and the planet.


5. Lush

bath and skincare creams
Image Credit: Lush

What They Sell: Beauty & Skincare

Ships To: USA | Canada

Best Feature: Naked packaging

Has Subscription: No 

With over 250 stores in North America, Lush is a handmade beauty and skincare brand that uses the freshest ingredients that are sourced ethically. Their products are 100% vegetarian and they do not support animal testing of their products.


6. credo

credo beauty store
Image Credit: credo

What They Sell: Skincare products

Ships To: USA | Canada

Best Feature: Get 3 free samples with every purchase over $50

Has Subscription: No 

Credo is one of the largest clean beauty retailers on the planet with stores across the USA. None of the 2700 banned ingredients from ‘The Dirty List’ are used to make their products. They are partnered with more than 130 brands to rethink what goes into products, onto your skin, and down the drain.


7. elate Cosmetics

mascara on white background
Image Credit: elate Cosmetics

What They Sell: Skincare

Ships To: USA | Canada

Best Feature: Create your personal capsule based on your skin type and lifestyle

Has Subscription: No 

Elate Cosmetics is a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brand that focuses on conscious beauty principles with authenticity, transparency, and trust. If you are new to clean beauty, elate Cosmetics allows you to purchase Sample Kits that come with 5 shades that are close to your skin tone that you can buy for as low as $12.


8. the detox market

the detox market store
Image Credit: the detox market

What They Sell: Skincare

Ships To: USA | Canada

Best Feature: Very high standard of what gets approved on their brand list

Has Subscription: No 

The detox market is an online marketplace that focuses on curating green beauty products that users can feel safe and confident about purchasing and using. They have six stores across the USA and Canada.


7 Amazon alternatives that use recyclable & compostable packaging 

While online shopping is extremely convenient, popular methods produce a significant amount of waste due to packaging alone. Here is a list of websites that are extremely conscious about the way they ship the environmentally conscious products that they sell, thereby truly exhibiting eco-friendly ethos. 

1. eTee 

green and blue biodegradable bags with three women
Image Credit: eTee

What They Sell: Personal care | Cleaning Essentials

Ships To: USA | Canada

Best Feature: Educate on how to use every plastic-free product and their impact

Has Subscription: No 

eTee products are all made with 100% biodegradable, natural materials. eTee believes that every ingredient on the inside and the packaging on the outside must come from the earth and should go back into the earth.


2. EarthHero 

cleaning products with blue background
Image Credit: EarthHero

What They Sell: Apparel | Accessories | Hone | Beauty | Personal care | Audio & Technology | Pet supplies

Ships To: USA | Canada

Best Feature: Earn EarthHero rewards

Has Subscription: No 

EarthHero is an eco-friendly online marketplace which sources products that are manufactured and shipped in a way that protects the environment with product usability and convenience kept in mind. They also let you pay later with Afterpay, increasing convenience.


3. Eco Roots 

ecoroots cleaning products with yellow background
Image Credit: Eco Roots

What They Sell: Home & Kitchen | Bath & Skincare

Ships To: USA

Best Feature: They donate 1% of their annual earnings towards sustainability initiatives

Has Subscription: No 

Eco Roots focuses on selling high quality, affordable, everyday products to help reduce waste. All their products are shipped plastic-free and their shipping materials are 100% recyclable and compostable.


4. the wally shop  

blue pouch with the wally shop social links
Image Credit: the wally shop

What They Sell: Groceries | Cleaning Essentials | Personal care

Ships To: USA

Best Feature: Everything comes in reusable packaging that can be returned so that customers can partake in their sustainable, closed loop-system

Has Subscription: No 

The wally shop is a zero-waste store that cares deeply about sustainability. In order to be sustainable, they source the highest quality products and provide 100% waste-free packaging. All products are organic, fair trade, non-gmo, and are sourced in bulk to keep costs down.


5. Well Earth Goods

woman pouring coffee beans through a funnel
Image Credit: Well Earth Goods

What They Sell: Groceries

Ships To: USA

Best Feature: They have a Scratch & Dent Discount Bin where they sell products that are not perfect but are still usable

Has Subscription: No 

Well Earth Goods strives to sell quality products that are made using sustainable resources that minimize waste. In order to help keep the earth well, they support a minimalist and waste-free lifestyle.


6. Know the Origins

self care know the origin white candle
Image Credit: Know the Origins

What They Sell: Apparel | Beauty | Female Hygiene | Household Essentials 

Ships To: Multiple countries

Best Feature: Transparency about what you buy and where it comes from

Has Subscription: No 

Know the Origins believes in being transparent about what you are buying and how and where their products come from. They list unique products such as fair trade and vegan Quinoa Vodka, compostable iPhone covers, dustpans, and brush sets with magnets.



package free black cover glass jar steel container toothbrush straw beeswax cover
Image Credit: PACKAGE FREE

What They Sell: Home | Beauty | Personal care

Ships To: USA

Best Feature: Sign up to receive 20% off across all products

Has Subscription: No

PACKAGE FREE is an online hub for low-waste and plastic-free living that collaborates with brands that make innovative products to make this a reality. On their website, you can find conveniently designed ‘Kits’ that lets you shop products as a bundle.


6 Amazon alternatives which use recycled materials to make their product

If you think using reclaimed and recycled materials to make products is important, this list is for you. It also contains marketplaces where you can buy and sell second hand or pre-loved items, as this gives people an opportunity to declutter (and make some money doing it!).


1. uncommon goods 

uncommon goods greeting card
Image Credit: uncommon goods

What They Sell: Home & kitchenware | Jewelry | Beauty | Personal Care 

Ships To: Multiple countries

Best Feature: One of a kind products and uncommon experiences that connect users via shared interests

Has Subscription: No 

Uncommon goods is an online marketplace connecting artisans and shoppers who are looking for truly unique goods. All products are made with unusual, reclaimed, or recycled materials with the purpose of solving a problem.


2. ThredUp

thredup box with clothes and accessories
Image Credit: ThredUp

What They Sell: Apparel | Accessories

Ships To: Multiple countries

Best Feature: Sell your never- or lightly-used apparel and accessories

Has Subscription: No

ThredUp is a one-stop thrifting destination allowing customers to constantly refresh their style while creating less waste. Customers can shop from the ‘Rescues’ section to get a mixed bag of clothing and accessories.


3. For Days

four t shirts
Image Credit: For Days

What They Sell: Apparel

Ships To: USA

Best Feature: SWAP program allows users to swap out anything, anytime, for any reason

Has Subscription: No 

For Days a clothing brand that is committed to producing 100% recyclable high quality and sustainable apparel for men and women. Their products are shipped with compostable packaging to reduce waste.


4. Life without Plastic

cloth bag with vegetables and fruits on a kitchen countertop
Image Credit: Life without Plastic

What They Sell: Bags | Cutlery | Lunch bags

Ships To: USA | Canada | Europe

Best Feature: They have a retail and wholesale option

Has Subscription: No 

Life without Plastic is a Canadian zero-waste living platform that sells food containers, lunch bags, and cutlery that are plastic-free and can be reused.


5. Poshmark

girl wearing poshmark sunglasses
Image Credit: Poshmark

What They Sell: Apparel | Accessories | Beauty

Ships To: USA | Canada

Best Feature: More than 1000+ luxury brands 

Has Subscription: No 

Poshmark is one of the leading social marketplaces for new and pre-loved apparel and accessories for your home.


6. Organic Basics

multiple white and brown threads
Image Credit: Organic Basics

What They Sell: Apparels

Ships To: USA | Canada

Best Feature: Minimalist and basic design 

Has Subscription: No 

Organic Basics uses natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable and/or low impact textiles only. Products are built to last with a focus on simplicity and function in mind. 


11 other eco-friendly Amazon alternatives to do your part for the planet

Here’s a list of some more eco-friendly alternatives that you can shop from guilt-free, in case you haven’t found one yet that you can relate to.


1. BLK + GRN

beauty products for black people
Image Credit: BLK + GRN

What They Sell: Beauty | Skincare

Ships To: USA | Canada

Best Feature: All natural ingredients 

Has Subscription: No 

BLK + GRN is an online marketplace that celebrates and features Black artisans products. All of the products chosen support natural lifestyles through high quality, toxic-free brands that share in their mission of health, wellness, and community cultivation.


2. Branch Basics

branch basics cleaning products
Image Credit: Branch Basics

What They Sell: Cleaning Essentials

Ships To: USA

Best Feature: Plant and mineral based; no harmful preservatives

Has Subscription: No 

Brand Basics makes safe and effective cleaning concentrates that work to remove dirt, grease, and grime. Products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and are not tested on animals. 


3. freecycle

freecycle logo
Image Credit: freecycle

What They Sell: All household items

Ships To: Multiple countries

Best Feature: Give away things that you do not require for free

Has Subscription: No 

The freecycle network is made up of more than 5,000 groups with over 9 million members spread across the world. Members from the same city or neighbourhood can connect with each other and swap or give away things for free that might be useful to someone else instead of adding it to the landfill. 


4. Imperfect Foods

man picking up imperfect food box
Image Credit: Imperfect Foods

What They Sell: Grocery box subscription

Ships To: USA

Best Feature: Fully customizable grocery plans

Has Subscription: Yes, various plans based on your eating choices. Starting at $63/week

Imperfect Foods is a grocery subscription box that delivers your weekly groceries based on a few quick questions about you and your lifestyle. They are on a mission to eliminate food waste and build a better food supply system for everyone. 


5. Leaf’d

eco-friendly toiletries

Image Credit: Leaf’d

What They Sell: Apparel | Accessories | Homeware | Skincare | Beauty | Health supplements

Ships To: USA | Canada

Best Feature: Sellers can list their eco-friendly products on Leaf’d at no monthly cost

Has Subscription: No 

Leaf’d is an online marketplace that is leading the sustainability movement by protecting the environment, understanding social responsibility and economic practices. You can find products in all major categories made with recycled and upcycled materials.



mercari app screen
Image Credit: MERCARI

What They Sell: All household items

Ships To: USA | Japan

Best Feature: All luxury brands are authenticated before listing

Has Subscription: No 

Mercari is an online marketplace for selling vintage or preloved items allowing their users an opportunity to declutter. Customers can sell things that they haven’t used, never used, or simply outgrew. They offer same day delivery and at-home pickups. 



petit voir box with beauty products
Image Credit: PETIT VOUR

What They Sell: Apparel | Accessories | Beauty box subscriptions

Ships To: Multiple countries

Best Feature: Free gifts with every purchase

Has Subscription: Yes (optional) $18/box 

Petit Vour claims to be the most convenient and affordable way to discover covetable, clean, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty products.


8. Pildora NOW

three eye shadows smeared on white background
Image Credit: Pildora NOW

What They Sell: Apparel | Accessories | Skincare | Makeup

Ships To: USA

Best Feature: Fashion forward sustainable products for conscious people

Has Subscription: No 

Pildora Now is an online community and marketplace for emerging sustainable fashion, accessories, and beauty brands. With a strong focus on environmental consciousness and social impact their goal is to eliminate the stigma associated with sustainable fashion and give designers the voice that they deserve.


9. Ocelot Market

earrings on brown background
Image Credit: Ocelot Market

What They Sell: Apparel | Accessories | Home Furnishings

Ships To: USA | Canada | UK | Europe | Australia

Best Feature: Shop by country feature

Has Subscription: No 

Ocelot Market was launched as a brand working with three artisan workshops in Thailand, Morocco, and Turkey, producing fashion forward shoes made by hand. Their mission to make a conscious consumer impact within these communities has had a significant impact, and they have expanded to sell apparel for men, women, and even home furnishings.


10. Ten Thousand Villages

artisan making bag and woman carrying that bag
Image Credit: Ten Thousand Villages

What They Sell: Home | Kitchenware | Wellness

Ships To: USA

Best Feature: 15% off on your first purchase 

Has Subscription: No 

Ten Thousand Villages is a maker-to-market model site selling ethically sourced homewares and accessories thereby empowering residents of ten thousand villages from 30 developing countries across the world.


11. We Dash Love

woman wearing green dress standing behind white water jug
Image Credit: We Dash Love

What They Sell: Apparel | Accessories

Ships To: Multiple countries

Best Feature: 5% of the purchase price goes towards supporting charities

Has Subscription: No 

We Dash Love is an Australian fashion marketplace that strives to be recognized as a conscious minded brand that supports the new generation of intelligent consumerism that chooses fair trade over fast trade. The brand focuses on ethical and sustainable fashion that is beautiful, minimalist, and trans-seasonal.


What makes an online store eco-friendly?

An online store can be called eco-friendly if the products that they sell are either plastic-free, or are made with recycled or upcycled materials, use compostable or zero-waste packaging and follow a production method that supports this. There are several eco-friendly stores that use vegan and organic materials to prepare their products and don’t support animal testing. A store can also be called eco-friendly if they follow fair trade and ethical manufacturing practices, thereby uplifting and empowering the communities in which they operate.  

cloth bag with mobile phone with recycle symbol

Eco-friendly online stores should:

  • Focus on recyclable and compostable packaging

  • Lean manufacturing methods that reduce wastage of raw materials

  • Sell products that speak towards ethical and eco-friendly living

  • Educate their customers how they can reuse and upcycle their purchases

  • Create products with used/second hand material

  • Reduce energy consumption in the production process

  • Create quality products that are as efficient as they are eco-friendly


We hope that in our list of eco-friendly products you were able to find at least one or two brands that spoke to you and resonate the same values that you believe in. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to check out our article on ethical Amazon Alternatives. It is the choices that we make today that will help create a better future for the next generation.

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