Top 5 Zoom Integrations: Improve Performance and Productivity

Zoom desktop with top five integrations

Zoom is a high-quality audio and video conferencing solution. Add contacts, invite participants to your meeting, and run one-on-one or group meetings online. With a free Zoom account, you can host, schedule, start, and join meetings.

While Zoom comes with many great built-in features, you can get added capabilities, functionality, and productivity by adding Zoom integrations. These will enhance the performance of the app and allow you to work more efficiently.

In this article, we cover the 5 best integrations to use for Zoom, each focused on giving you a different feature or helping in a specific area. 


Top 5 Zoom integrations for Zoom meetings

If you want to compare all of the available Zoom integrations, check out our post on over 100 available Zoom integrations, sorted by integration type. To give you an idea of the types of integrations available and you get you started, we’ve highlighted the top 5 Zoom integrations for Zoom meetings.


1. Google Calendar: scheduling meetings

Google Calendar event scheduling

The Google Calendar integration for Zoom makes it extremely easy to schedule, join, and manage meetings within your calendar. View, edit, and track scheduled meetings from your Google Calendar app. You can even have others schedule meetings for members of your team with the proper permissions. Zoom meetings scheduled in Zoom will automatically be scheduled in Google Calendar, without having to schedule it separately. This saves you time and effort, and makes it simple and convenient to track your upcoming meetings.

With a Google integration, you can gain access to Zoom video-conferencing with Google Drive storage, use Google sign-in, and more.


2. Microsoft OneDrive: content sharing and collaboration

Share files from Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage and management solution that lets you back up, protect, sync, and access photos and files across all devices.  The Microsoft OneDrive integration for Zoom pairs the two solutions to make it easy to collaborate on content you have saved to your – or your team’s – OneDrive. You can then share OneDrive files in Zoom Chat channels and during meetings.


3. Slack: collaborate in one place

Slack slash command for starting a Zoom meeting
(Image credit: Zoom App Docs)

Slack is an instant messaging and teamwork application that helps teams collaborate on tasks and communicate and share files quickly and conveniently. The Slack integration for Zoom allows you to integrate these two services, making them both function seamlessly together. Start a Zoom Meeting directly from a Slack channel or group message using slash commands. Get notified in Slack when someone joins or leaves a meeting, and get a summary of the meeting and share the meeting recording if you want to.\


4. Marketo: turn participants into leads

New Marketo campaign setup
(Image credit: Zoom Support)

Marketo is a marketing automation and lead generation solution that helps you grow your business and draw in more customers. The Marketo integration for Zoom let’s you pair Zoom Webinars with your Marketo Campaigns, so you can run your lead-nurturing campaigns. Information will also sync between Marketo and Zoom Webinars so both tools have up-to-date data. Registrants can sign up for a Zoom Webinar in Marketo, and attendance data will automatically populate to Marketo after the meeting.


5. Zendesk: customer support and task ticketing system

Schedule meeting using Zendesk
(Image credit: Zendesk Apps)

Zendesk is a support ticketing and administration system that helps you manage your organization’s interactions with your customers. The Zendesk integration for Zoom will enable Zendesk notifications to come up in Zoom Chat channels. This helps you improve your customer response time and give customers better support, improving overall customer satisfaction. You can track and manage interactions in a centralized place so teams can easily access this data and collaborate.


Now that you know 5 of the top Zoom integrations, start using them today to improve your productivity and Zoom capabilities. Once you’ve set up the integrations, you can start using Zoom effectively, scheduling meetings for yourself and others, and hosting meetings for other participants.

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